Assistant Trainer

Born in Los Angeles, Lulu Platt has been around horses her entire life. When Lulu was 15 years old, Mike Edrick married Lulu’s older sister Lolly Miller, and as a family they began their careers as horse trainers. As a junior rider, Lulu won the Los Angeles County medal finals and was the PCHA/ASHA equitation champion year after year. Before starting her own family, Lulu consistently competed in the Amateur Owner Hunter division.

Her training philosophy and style have evolved from horseman George Morris’ philosophy, which stresses proper basics through thorough education. Lulu constantly reiterates the importance of flat work in order to succeed in jumping courses, and practices this through her teaching. When lessoning with Lulu at the barn, clients have the pleasure of receiving detailed training focused on the riders’ proper form, honed by Lulu’s meticulous and precise eye for equitation.

While trainers Mike Edrick and Sam Wolfram are away with clients at competitions, Lulu is primarily in charge of the care and training at Mike Edrick Stables.

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