Assistant Trainer

‘Growing Up Cowgirl’:

Born in 1991, Jamie Sailor has spent every moment since on a horse. Jamie has trained and worked at her mother’s stable in Chatsworth, Stony Point Ranch, since she could walk. Her vast knowledge and ability with horses of all disciplines was developed by daily riding and caring for horses. After school, Jamie would return home to ride, train, groom, and feed the stable’s boarders. Rain or shine, Jamie cares for her horses and clients, never tiring from the job.

Jamie first came to Mike Edrick Stables when trying a horse in 2001.  Clearly evident that she was born with natural talent, Mike Edrick acted quickly, and generously provided a place for Jamie to refine her skills as a rider. Jamie has been training with Mike ever since, and has had many accomplishments showing Mike’s horses in both junior and professional divisions. In 2009, Jamie graduated from high school and became a professional rider for Mike Edrick Stables. She trains at the barn and accompanies the stable to the shows, where she prepares the horses for clients, and shows them in professional divisions.  While Mike Edrick Stables specializes in hunters, jumpers, and equitation only, Jamie has also taught western and dressage.

Jamie’s training philosophy and style focus on adapting to each individual horse’s natural temperament and way of going. She believes in drawing out the best qualities of each horse, combining appropriate discipline with ample rewards.

Miss Sailor has excelled in all arenas of riding, and has many championships in the hunter, jumper and equitation rings. She continues riding and showing, and aspires to be on the US Olympic team.

Jamie currently lives in Woodland Hills, but spends most of her time on horseback.

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