Our Facility

“Whether training for competition, or training for pleasure, our clients enjoy a variety of amenities year round.”

We take pride in our facility and all the amenities we offer, including three rings (two fenced and one field), five turn-outs, two barns, five pastures, trails, and an availability of pipe corrals and stalls.

Clients at Mike Edrick Stables have the pleasure of enjoying the mountain trails and the winery next door, Triunfo Creek Vineyards, which graciously allows us to peruse their property.

Our horses enjoy the bounty of 30+ acres, and have the pleasure of enjoying turnouts every day, mixed between our local flora and fauna, and around California’s protected Oak Trees.

Our grooms have been hand-selected based on years of experience and professionalism. Our horses are cared for each day by this dedicated team, who rise early to blanket, feed, water, and groom the horses in preparation for the day. Our stable provides 24-hour surveillance to ensure that a watchful eye is always surveying the horses in case of an emergency.

Horses are fed three meals a day, hay in both the morning and evening, and grain/special supplements at lunch. We feed a mixture of timothy and alfalfa, ensuring that our horses receive a well-balanced diet of nutrients and minerals, keeping them in top-form for riding and competition.

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