Barn Info.

  • Jose and Evie at the Las Vegas National.
  • Evie at the Oaks.
  • Evie and Never Say Never at the Oaks.
  • Evie and Maximus.
  • Omar and Vamp at Mike Edrick Stables.





12′ x 12′

Pipe Corrals

12′ x 24′


Please contact for details


 Mike Edrick Stables provides full grooming for our clients. Special circumstances can be negotiated for those who prefer to groom themselves, or have unique needs.


 Mike Edrick Stables provides a variety of trainers to teach, ride, and care for each client’s horse(s), providing customized packages for each individual. Training rates include lessons, trainer rides, and turn-outs.

 Horse Shows

Mike Edrick Stables attends horse shows nearly every weekend during the show season. Pricing per show depends and varies on location, length, and number of clients attending. Horse show pricing will include hauling fees, grooming fees/tips, stabling/entry fees, trainer fees, membership fees, and braiding fees.

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